What’s next? : Part I

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Fiction, Stories
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There I was, standing at the beach, gazing the never ending ocean. At least that’s what it feels like when you look at it.
With the setting sun, everything in my life felt like it was about to set.

How far have I come?

The day I longed for my entire life, the D-Day was tomorrow morning at 10.

All I can think about is, “What would happen next?”

I recall the day I decided, no matter what happens I will not give up on my dream. I thought when will this end.
Dropped out of college, just to come back with a bang. Gave up the conventional way what every teenager follows to succeed in life. They said I will regret it, I didn’t care. All I cared was achieving my dream. However did I really regret it?
No, I never looked back. But here I was, I was standing at the cross roads.

The setting sun depicts an unknown emptiness in the heart. Will I pass through this phase? I wondered.

What is there in store for me? Where am I headed?
So many questions in my mind..

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Well, I have come across lot of books, articles, posts on Key to success, how to be successful in life, how you can achieve your dreams.. blah blah blah…
Key to failure

So a fine morning, I thought there should be a key to failure as well. After all everything these days has keys, so why not Key to failure and unspeakable circumstances.. Here you go how not to be successful in your life…

  1. Procrastination: Procrastinators are called to be the leaders of tomorrow. Seriously, why worry doing anything if you can always do it tomorrow. You can relax, have a smoke or two. Watch couple of movies. It’s fun. Read the rest of this entry »

Well, it’s too late to write a review about this book. But I think it was needed that I share my views on the first book I read. The book which lead me to read more. And the book which inspired me to write as well.

I am talking about the book Joker In The Pack by the duo Ritesh Sharma & Neeraj Pahlajani.

Joker_in_the_Pack_Front_Cover“The Great Indian Middle Class Dream”. Yes, that’s something every household in India has. We are  pushed so hard to make this Dream. As soon as the school gets over, it’s time for the great Indian rat race to premier institutes. If you fail, you are ought to lose out on several things. Doesn’t matter if you have the skills or not.

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Our hero is happy.

Looking back at the past, a much awaited smile on his face.

Life is finally getting better, much better. All he has to worry about is identifying his goal in life.

Nothing is in his way. Our hero has everything under control.


Darkness falls : Hero’s pain III

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Fiction
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Our hero has lost his path again. Does he love to be in chaos?
Darkness is taking over him bit by bit.
Is he destined to be on dark side or will he ever find peace?
Fighting with a little light in hand, will he succeed in defeating the darkness?  Where is the light he is looking for, where is that smile he always wanted to wear?
World will never be same again. Several questions that needs to be answered.
Hero is embarking upon a journey he never expected to travel.

Cloudy day, sweating due to humid climate. Smoking his favorite brand of cigarette, sipping coffee. The World around him running, however his time have stopped.Feeling detached from the world. A mere thought struck his mind, “What is it that pushes human to keep running?”First rain of the season, re-living the memories of lost time. That smile on her face that made him content. Cuddling like there was nothing to worry about.

How wrong you can get about time. It has never been anyone’s slave, it will never will. The unpredictable nature of time has made our hero vulnerable to emotional black outs.

“What is happening to me?” He thought.
The burns on his lips, the cigarette falls from his hand. He walks.

Always fighting, always facing a stronger enemy every time. How a Hero survives in the end.  Head on battle with a stronger enemy each time. Harder our hero falls stronger he gets.

What does destiny has in store for our hero. No one  knows. Let the time decide.

It is our Hero’s pain. What is gonna happen to him?

Losing sanity.. The world around him collapsing.

Unbearable pain, that has been tormenting him since several years.

Will he be able to survive the unspeakable?