True Story Behind Emptiness Song | Was The Guy Named Rohan Rathore Really There?

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Rohan Rathore was an IIT-Guwahati Student who loved a girl named Supriya like anything else. But he was suffering from Cancer.You might have heard his song already in Facebook, which is one of highest shared/liked video of 2010. So coming to his story, he was studying in one of top graduate engineering college, he was handsome but the girl who he loved unconditionally never returned his love. So bad. But worse, he was suffering from Cancer. He wrote a song and dedicated to her. Made video of it and the worst happened, he died just after recording the song.
Really sad right ? The song is so awesome. Runs though our veins with feeling of Love. Emptiness, describes, the void left in his loving heart by his girl. Pretty sad story if you ask me. The guy now loved and remembered everyday by millions over Facebook and Twitter, is no more. Sad. I sob.
Hey wait ! Did you really believed what I wrote  above, like other million people in Facebook ? [Okay, not to be rude, word stupid is missing]. Well, it’s a pretty bollywood story if you ask me or excerpt of Chetan Bhagat’s next filmie novel
At first I believed for the first time when I heard the song and read about him in Youtube and FB page. But, second thing I did was, which you never do, searching over Google for truth. For my utter surprise none of the Ex-Guwahati IITians mentioned him. I digged more and found out it’s fake.
Yes, it was the insensitive and cheap trick for marketing their song. But, they did it in right way.
1.What first comes to your mind when you hear the song and read about him ?  LOVE, CANCER, IIT-G. We Indians, simply have inevitable attraction towards Love stories. Add some prestigious college name and make it sad story, Game Over.
2.They believed in their song and it is pretty good too, but too reach masses, they used nice [read : cheap] marketing trick.
3. Simple, just create a fake girl’s profile over Facebook [and Twitter] and share it, it is enough to reach thousands in one day. And don’t forget to add, “Oh, I liked this song like anything guys, what ya say ?”
When you ask Mr.Vivek aka MrVivekchocoboy, the original uploader of the video, tells you same lame story. He also requests you ‘Like’ the song and share it over the FB and Twitter. Now I see a new video on his profile, hope he doesn’t ask us to ‘share’ that one also over FB, coming up with just another pathetic but sad story. Goodluck Mr.Chocoboy.
IIT-G students clarified that, person with such name never existed nor his poor sad story. If it was really true, I’d have first seen it in Headlines Today or any national news paper. The song is too good enough to be appeared in national news channels and papers.
Following is a screenshot of Sumit Lal’s profile, which he explains about his
research :
 Aseem Ahmed Abbasee claims that he is the original lyricist and english lyrics where written by Moonami Roy.
Now here is the BIG QUESTION : Are Aseem Ahmed Abbasee and Gajender Verma are behind this Rohan Rathore story ? Why they don’t want sue Mr.Chocoboy who uploaded the song to Youtube ? Truth yet to come.
Sorry people, who are behind it, you suck and you failed to impress me. with lots of love, F U.
But here is what which bugs my mind, two more new songs ! Are these also works of the same ‘mystery man’ ? [Don’t forget to listen them].
The name of member of that group is Djay, who is also admin and creator of Facebook page Emptiness (tune mere jaana)- Rohan Rathore. And it is a Band profile. Are these guys are people who gave music to Rohan’s song ? Has Rohan worked is their band ? If not why they using his name ? They have mentioned nothing in their FB page.

The Admin of that Page, has not revealed himself yet and nor made clear statements about his connections with Rohan Rathore. If they are not connected with him why they are using his name ? for fame ?
If you check out that, there’s has been discussion going on :
SO in short, The FINAL Answer is,
Original Song: Tune mere jaana “Lonely”
Singer & Music: Gajender Verma
Lyrics: Moonami Roy, Aseem Ahmed Abbasee
Chords: Sameer

NOW FORGET ALL THIS & LISTEN THIS (3 Versions of this song)- 
Emptiness (Orignal song)

Download mp3

Emptiness Part II – Colab mix

Download mp3

Emptiness Techno mix
  1. Patel Manish says:

    heart touching song….

  2. yuvraj says:

    It’s really heart touching song. But there is guy named rohan rathore?

  3. ashish says:

    thats the hype of song! i really like the song wthr is fake or original…. i was love a gal but she rejected my approvl then i also write my own LYRICS depending on this song in English language……..!

  4. ayush says:

    yaar koi jaan na dede is song o sun k

  5. ajeet rawat says:

    I dont think the ethics approached by the creators are wrong. In this nation of lip-syncing and bollywood trash songs, a good song is normally neither produced nor acknowledged and never listened. A good example of how ’empty’ is the hall for the real talent. :-/

  6. Shivani says:

    Thanks to be known by u .i am totaly unknwn abut this

  7. Alok says:

    D lyrics seems to be so damn touching dat make u think dat d guy has felt it n conveyed his msg thru words ritten by wid d ink of his heart tears….

  8. monika sweet says:

    it’s a very sad but lovely life story.

  9. himanshu bisht says:

    this song is awesome

  10. Abhishek Yadav says:

    if this song would not be released with this story then also it would be super duper hit

  11. Deepak says:

    It is very nice song,awesome,superb and true

  12. sona says:

    Dis song I realy loved a lot amazing story dat make u realy cry

  13. longpo cheda says:

    what ever may b the truth…..but i love this song.

  14. Thnks for writing such a wondrfl song my bro & I liked & loved

  15. dipu says:

    the song is awesome……..and for the the real owners of the song….”rather than framing a story u guys cud have made a video of the same story added to the song”…….the result cud have been smwat similar….n at leat u wud hav got the credit and not Mr.ghost.

  16. honey patiala says:

    is ths a true story or not ? if ths is true thn why we couldn`t heard abt tht?

  17. bhagyashree says:

    it’s vry sad but true luv story

  18. sandy says:

    even i never believed the story behind emptiness song.. actually, in india people like love stories and singer used this formula to make this song hit.

  19. niraj bhagat says:

    it doesnot effect the faithfullness of the song,the words of song really implies that it is a true story.A salute to the love of rohan rathor.

  20. sAm....A07 says:

    I am impsseddddddd cOz of its Lyrics

  21. eesha says:

    Horrible song….murder of english

  22. anjali says:

    this song was owsum ! all bcoz of mr. Gajender Verma , nd its cheap story was truly fake 😦

  23. shiilpa says:

    whtevr b the truth behind the song… song is really heart touching…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. vivek razdan says:

    i like this song very much

  25. Arpitjaisal says:

    Ur life story is vry sad n song is vry heart toching. Ur was a great iitian and lover..!!!!!

  26. D.J.BORUA says:

    I like his this song….. Vary sad song n sad love story…..

  27. Padum Kachari says:

    It’s my fav. Song. And also it’s really a hearth touching song. Which was written by Rohan Rathore from IIT Guwahati, Assam. I’m also a Assamese Boy.
    And i’m a alone boy. I vote rohan rathore !

  28. Roopak says:

    Dear you’v secrified ur life for the girl who is the most lucky girl we hv 2 learn ur heart. we miss u…….

  29. Cristiano Ashish says:

    This song heart touching nd the story behind this song is very sad

  30. Amazing song! I love this song .I listen this song at every night .this is my one of the favourite song. It is very sad song and sad love story.

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